Installing your wallcovering

It is certainly possible to install both the semi-permanent and the repositionable fabric wallcovering yourself although installing the semi-permanent wallcovering will present more of a challenge and we recommend hiring a professional installer who has experience working with this type of material.

To find a professional installer in your area, please click here.

Tools Required

  • Tape measure and straight edge
  • Marking pencil
  • Trimming knife
  • Smoothing tool
  • Clean damp sponge


Before you begin

Clean the wall using warm water and a mild mixture of dishwashing liquid. Then wipe down with a clean, damp sponge and let dry.

Remove all hooks, light fixtures, plug plates so that the wall so that you have a smooth, dry surface to work with.

Don’t pre-trim the wallcovering.

We recommend that 2 people install the wallcovering.

When you’re ready

Use a light pencil to mark the desired starting point for your mural on the wall. Use the top left corner of your mural to begin. Then measure the width of the panel, and make a 2nd point where it ends (across horizontally, not vertically).From this point, use your level to make a straight vertical line. This will be your guideline for the right hand side of your first mural panel.

Your mural was printed with a 1 inch bleed (extra image area) on each side of the mural panel(s). This overage is to accommodate irregular walls or ceiling lines.

Peel and stick your mural panel

Start at the top of the panel and peel back the liner a few inches. Lining up with your pencil guideline, apply the adhesive side of panel by smoothing it onto the wall with your hands. DO NOT peel off the entire liner all at once.

Slowly and evenly peel back the liner a few inches at a time and apply. Consider having another person hold the bottom of the mural as you work your way down and apply the rest of the panel.

Smooth all wrinkles and bubbles outward, until they are removed. Do not use pressure. Simple light strokes work best. Be careful not to stretch the mural while positioning. If wrinkles or bubbles appear, simply peel back the panel and reapply that section.

For additional panels:

Overlap panel 1” to align image
Cut down the center of the overlap. Peel off the cut portion of panel 2.
Peel back panel 2 to remove the cut portion of panel 1 behind it. Re-adhere the edge of panel 2 for a clean matching seam.


Wallpaper murals that are larger than 40 inches wide will be printed on two or more panels. Matching seams between the panels is very simple to do with the DeZinerWallZ double cut system. Each panel will be printed with a 1-inch overlap at the seam. To make the seams match, follow these easy directions:

1. Install the first panel according to the instructions above, making sure the panel is level.

2. Install the second panel, knowing that exactly 1 inch will overlap the first panel. You'll be able to line up the image easily with the overlap and by keeping the second panel level. Review the image before doing any cutting. . Do not install the panels  with edges butt together

3. Some wallpaper mural designs won't show the overlapped seam, and if you want, you can leave it installed that way. But if the seam does show, take a straight edge and a razor and slice the mural through the two layers directly in the middle of the seam, or 1 inch in from both edges of the overlap.

4. Gently peel away the two top layers of overlapped material and you'll have perfectly matched seams.

5. Continue to install panels and double cut the seams in the same manner until your entire mural is hung.

Trim overage. When all panels have been adhered, trim any ceiling and  baseboard overage, using your straight edge. Go slowly and change blades often for the best result.