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 Create a 1 in a million wall covering or piece of wall art using your own photograph

   How you make the magic happen

1. You can either take a new picture or you can choose a picture that you’ve taken in the past.

2. Upload the picture using the form below and include the size that you'd like the image printed, either for a wall covering or piece of art. Check our image resolution guidelines to be sure that the resolution of your image is high enough for us to print the image at the size you want.

3. One of our graphic wizards will check the resolution of your image to make sure that it’s high enough to print at the dimensions you’ve requested. Within a couple of days, we’ll send you an email with a link to your final image and a price for your wallcovering.

4. When you’re happy with what you see, add your custom wallcovering to your shopping cart and then proceed to checkout.

   It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 – 4!

Picture resolution guidelines:

As a rule, the number of "pixels" in a image or photograph will determine how big you can print the image and be happy with how it looks.

The rule of thumb we use at DeZinerWallZ is this:

The width of the image (in pixels)/50 x the length of the image (in pixels)/50 = the size (in inches) that we can print the image before the image begins to lose its sharpness.

(This rule takes into account that your wall covering or wall art will normally be viewed from an average distance of approximately 8 to 20 feet.)

Example: Using an image with a resolution of 6,000 pixels x 4,000 pixels.

(6,000/50)x (4,000/50) = 120 inches x 80 inches.

So this means tha starting with a photograph that is 6,000pixels x 4,000pixels, we can enlarge and print a wall covering or piece of wall art that is approximately 120inches x 80inches. 

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